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Hello! I'm STARLIC (yes, that’s my birth name). I'm a musician, songwriter, clothing line owner (wearstarlic.com), skater, vinyl toy collector, VW Bus fanatic, photographer, dream pursuer and lover of all creative things! For me photography was always a creative passion that I kept to myself. I've always taken great pleasure in capturing pure moments that can be seen over and over again. I specialize in general portraiture, family, event, headshot and senior photography. Take a moment to read how I got started in the gnarly world of photography!


While visiting some friends in Connecticut, I met a great photographer by the name of Kristie Kistner (www.kristiekistnerphotography.com). We talked about photography and I quickly realized she was a gnarly person! When she discovered I was also a Nikon user, she took time to show me a few things with the camera. Not only did she give me tips but she also gave me her $2000 lens (Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR) to attach to my camera body so I could take photos/try out the lens! She checked out some of the shots I'd taken during the trip along with her lens and she told me my stuff was really good/I had the eye and could really be a serious photographer. I couldn't believe she actually said/thought that about my art! 

When I returned home from the trip I started shooting whatever I could. I drowned myself in all things photography with the goal to get my skills to the next level. I started posting some of my work on social media and the response was over whelming. That was great but I still lacked the confidence to really launch the photography as a business/take clients. However, my confidence lifted when I started to receive requests to hire me for photo shoots and events! What started as a passionate hobby, soon became a full-time business!

Photography isn't simply the act of snapping a picture, for me it's art. Capturing "the shot(s)" gives me a feeling I can't put into words. It’s the emails & texts I get from clients after they see their photos for the first time. It’s the feeling I get when told I'm the only photographer they want to work with. It’s the friendships that are created along the way. My goal is to give clients the best results possible and have a great time during the process. I look forward to capturing moments for future generations to come. Let's create some gnarly art! 

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