What happens after the shoot is complete?

Upon completion of the final edits from the shoot, an in person viewing and ordering session will be scheduled at my office. There you will get to experience my Gnarly Art World! You'll also get to see the different print choices and products that I offer up close and personal. Customer service is very important to me so you'll receive the first class Gnarly Art experience while enjoying a latte, hot tea or an adult beverage of your choice.

We'll view your final Gnarly Art images one by one then you get to decide which images you'd like to keep based on the number images that come with the particular purchased package! You will also receive low resolution watermarked images for social media sharing of the images  purchased.

Each shoot comes with the digital files. That means that with the digital files, you're free to print at your leisure/wherever you’d like. However, keep in mind that you print at your own risk. To take the risk out of the equation, I have solved it by offering my own printing services!

Honestly, I would prefer that all prints are done by me. It's not because I’m making huge profit off prints. My print prices are very reasonable and I’m certain you will find options to meet your needs. It’s because most print labs in the area or big box chain stores do not do the photos justice. The prints come out too blurry, too dark, too green, too brown - in a word, not the way they're supposed to be. I use the most technologically advanced printers, printing techniques, top quality papers, and state-of-the-art software to provide you with the best product possible. I want you to be happy with the quality of the pictures that you get. That’s the purpose of the photo shoot!

Where will the photos be taken?

The location of the photo session is up to you. Once your photo shoot date is booked, we will discuss what type of feel you are looking for in your photographs. We can then work together to come up with the perfect location. Newborn photo sessions are held within the comfort of your own home.

Do you travel for shoots?

YES! I'm ALWAYS ready to travel and really hope you'd like to do so as well! So, when and where are we going???

When will I receive my photos?

I understand that you want your pictures ASAP and I will do my best to get them to you ASAP. The turn around time is 7 to 14  business days (weekends not included). Each individual client will have a proofing gallery set up on my website for viewing all final edited photos. Once those images are approved, prints can be selected or digital files can be selected for purchase.

What happens if it rains?

Weather is hard to predict and if necessary we will reschedule you to another day. Most times there are breaks in the rain which we will be able to work around. Just because it’s not sunny outside, doesn’t mean you won’t get beautiful pictures. Overcast days are good! You can also embrace the rain and get creative by bringing umbrellas, rain boots, etc...

We need to reschedule, what’s your policy?

I will need a 24 hour notice so I can possibly fill the time slot with another session, but I understand when something comes up unexpectedly and you need to change your day at the last minute. However, I love what I do and when I set aside valuable time for a session with a client, I am reserving that for them only which means other clients have to wait. Cancelling your session at the last minute has taken away from the opportunity to provide excellent service to other clients which is why a re-booking fee of $50.00 WILL be applied. ALL deposits and session fees are transferable but non-refundable.

Where do I change my clothes during the shoot?

I provide a portable changing tent that offers all the privacy needed. However, if you'd like to change in your car or available restroom, you're more than welcome to do so. No worries!

Do you have a preference on who/what you shoot?

OF COURSE NOT! It would be my pleasure to document your celebration of any faith, non-faith, or orientation. Finally, I love shooting photography for any occasion. If you have an occasion in mind you do not see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have any questions about anything not listed/any additional questions, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Simply email me at: photographybystarlic@gmail.com

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